100th Fever

Tue May 10 11:04:31 EDT 2011

It's literally been years since I have stirred up some @%#$ on this list, but I think that perhaps I'm about to bring back the old days :-)  

Not so much here... but all over the "Blues" world I have been reading about Robert Johnson's 100th birthday, and how incredibly important he is to the Blues.  I read one piece that actually said... "without Robert Johnson there would be no Rock-N-Roll".  Now I have at least 3 different copies of RJ's stuff, because I really like those recordings.  But I love lots of recordings... lot's of performers.  I think that while his work is notable, it isn't anywhere near as "important" as many make him out to be.  Certainly many others have had much more influence on their contemporaries.  Many of the songs he's credited with writing actually originate in one form or another well before he recorded them.  

I guess it's because of the fictional account of his "deal with the devil" that his status in Blues history is so inflated.  Otherwise I can't explain it.  There are so many more prolific, more original, more influential performers, who must have been seriously resentful of the  attention he garnered during their later years.

So am I alone?

P.W. Fenton
Hudson, FL
2003 KBA winner

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