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While there were many, few rose to the lyrical and thematic levels that RJ
reached... yes, while being derivative... with the possible exception of
Skip  James, I cannot think of another Delta songster off the top of my head
whose  verses remained as tightly linked to each other so that the story in
the third  verse is referring to the same "story" the singer is singing about
in the first  and fifth verses....

For me, it is not so much the maniacal guitar playing or the frenzied
singing... it's the lyrical construction itself that sets RJ apart from so  many
(if not MOST) of his contemporaries...

I just finished recording LeRoy Carr's "How Long" for my next release and
while it's a beautiful song with a wonderful melody and impassioned singing
by  Carr, his lyrics are all over the place... like it's several different
songs  sharing a melody...  I don't get that sense in most of Johnson's

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But  there were in fact plenty of Delta bluesmen around in those days for
young  Muddy and young Jimmy and others to have picked up on. They came out
of Delta  blues, of which -- as P.W. correctly points out -- Robert Johnson
was merely  one among many, and not necessarily the most well-known even
among and within  blues circles of his day (by which I mean among Southern black

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