SBC: Jeff Bridges Likes This App

chuck 249 hhs249@GMAIL.COM
Mon May 16 06:51:30 EDT 2011

I gave it an SBC rating because the app does include a lesson from Marcia Ball.

I realize I am beating a muted drum here, but imo the Blues Foundation
should consider looking into creating a how to Play To Play The Blues
app--using big name blues talent--where the in app lesson fees could
be put into the fund. Perhaps contact the creator of this app, and
work with them, and split the profits. A potential audience as large
as the legions of IOS users (and possibly Android users, for that
matter) sure does seem ripe for the picking, and a way to increase
awareness of not only the Blues Foundation,  but the Blues genre in

As for my always well meaning detractors ;), no, I do not have the
talent, time (I drive appx 2000 miles a week...and sometimes I sleep
too) or money to "do it myself," but that should not preclude me from
sharing an idea. I hope.

chuck, in dallas

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