B.B. King at the Hollywood Bowl

Ricky Stevens deltabluz@HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Sep 8 17:23:46 EDT 2012

I saw BB August 22 in Indianola, Mississippi.

It may have been that he was playing for the home folks, but despite attending a street dedication around noon and playing roughly 45 minute festival set in 95 degr4ee heat he still played a solid 90 minutes at Club Ebony that night.  He played well, sang well, then stayed on stage after the shwo where he signed autograps and took pictures with everyone until the crowd was gone.  

Was he as sharp as he was 25 or 50 years ago?  Probably not, but an 86 year old diabetic deserves a little lee way.  Did he deliver a high quality professional show and give the audience its money's worth?  Definitely.

Ricky Stevens 

Arkabutla, Mississippi

> Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2012 12:19:30 -0500
> From: jacobslawoffice@GMAIL.COM
> Subject: Re: B.B. King at the Hollywood Bowl
> I saw him here in Montgomery in February and he was noticably weaker than
> the last time I had seen him (Biscuit 2010).  I understand the review from
> a music critic's point of view, but will say that BB held the audience here
> in the palm of his hand.  Even with his diminished capacity, I believe
> folks still want to see and hear him and hope he continues to perform for
> as long as he is able and willing.
> I made a decision back in the nineties that I wasn't going to see him
> anymore because I wanted to remember him as he had been in his (relative)
> younger days.  I passed up a few opportunities that I wish I hadn't, and I
> will not miss any chance I have to see him now.  I feel the same way about
> Bobby Blue Bland.  I don't expect to get the same show that I saw in 1992
> or '82.  I'm just glad that he is still sharing music with us, and dread
> the day that I turn on my computer and find a message that I will never
> have the oppotunity again.
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