I'm Opening for Jimmie Vaughan Thurs. Night in LA!

Blues9981@AOL.COM Blues9981@AOL.COM
Sun Sep 23 05:56:07 EDT 2012

Really excited about this show because Jimmie and his brother Stevie were
the main reasons I picked up a guitar in the first place and we're playing a
 show opening up for him this Thurs. Sept. 27th, at the Canyon Club in the
Los  Angeles area (Agoura Hills), Lou Ann Barton will also be there, one of
the  greatest female blues singers who ever lived, basically those 2 are the
 Godfather and Godmother of Texas Blues, along with all their influences
like  T-Bone, Freddie, Lightnin, and a zillion others, so if anyone is in the
Los  Angeles area, come on down, we have a few tickets left, my band is Idle
Hands  playing at 7 and Jimmie comes on around 8:30, check out
_www.canyonclub.net_ (http://www.canyonclub.net)  and _www.idlehandslive.com_
(http://www.idlehandslive.com)   and _www.jimmievaughan.com_

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